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Konstantinos n/a Vasilakos, Scott Wilson, Thomas McCauley, Tsun Winston Yeung, Emma Margetson, and Milad Khosravi Mardakheh. 2020. Sonification of High Energy Physics Data Using Live Coding and Web Based Interfaces. Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Birmingham City University, pp. 388–393. Available at: paper

Konstantinos Vasilakos. Emerging Dark Matter Through Diverse Sonification Practices. 2019. Proceedings of the International Music and Sciences Symposium. ITU/TDMK, Istanbul, Turkey link

Konstantinos Vasilakos. Greap: an Interactive System for Gestural Manipulation of Sonic Material using a Leap Motion Device. 2018. Porte Akademik – Journal of Music and Dance Studies. Spring 2018. Volume: 17. Available here

Emerging Dark Matter Through Diverse Sonification Practices: Interactive Physics Sonification System 2018. [keynote-speech] Creations 2018: Developing and Engaging Science Classroom Athens, Greece link

An Evaluation of Digital Interfaces for Music Composition and Improvisation. 2016. PhD Thesis. Keele University, UK. Available at this link

Free as in BEER: Some Explorations into Structured Improvisation Using Networked Live-Coding Systems Scott Wilson, Norah Lorway, Rosalyn Coull, Konstantinos Vasilakos, Tim Moyers Computer Music Journal 2014. Spring, MIT Press, 2014, Vol. 38, No. 1: 54–64. Available at this link

Live Coding Chunks Into Gestural Improvisation. 2013. Presented in Salford University, Salford, UK

From Code to Tape Presented in SoundThought 2013 Contemporary Centre of the Arts, Glasgow, UK link

Humanising Technology: interacting with sonic material using haptic controllers. Keele Humanities Symposium 2012, and at

Humanising Technology: interacting with sonic material using haptic controllers at Live Interfaces: Performance, Art, Music 2012 Leeds University, UK